16 Men Who Cut Off Their Cool Manes and We Can’t Decide Which Option Suits Them Better

2 years ago

There is an eternal debate about whether men should grow their hair out or not. The only thing we can say for sure is that each of us has a moment where we decide to go for a change. And changing our hairstyle is one of the simplest and most available options. The characters of our article had been growing their manes for years and then one day cut them off completely.

We at Bright Side think that they did the right thing by visiting the hairdresser on that day.

“It’s crazy how hair can change your appearance so greatly.”

“Before and after! My head feels so much lighter now.”

“My first cut in the last 513 days. My hair is thick too so it felt like a huge burden in the summer heat.”

“2 years growing it out, planning to donate it.”

“Loved my long hair for 5 years but wanted a change.”

“Post-haircut update. Before and after.”

“After a few months of consideration, I finally went with the change. No regrets so far.”

“My hair had been growing since 2017, and with this haircut, it’s way more practical now.”

“I love it! I came out of the barber shop a different man!”

“I cut my hair after 2 years.”

“I feel it turned out pretty good.”

“My biggest concern about cutting off my long hair was that having it short would make my face look really wide and fat.”

“I cut my hair after 8 years of being long-haired. I thought I would regret it but I’m actually loving it.”

“10 years of having long hair, now I’ve cut it short.”

“I didn’t really care about how I looked but I decided to change that this year.”

“After growing my hair out for nearly 3 years, I finally decided to cut and donate it.”

Do you think the characters of our compilation look better with long or short hair?

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I used to have longer hair and I'm happy I cut them. It was truly annoying

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