16 People Showed How Transformative Time and Effort Can Be

2 years ago

Nature is a moody mother. Some of her children get indescribable beauty at birth, some get time to bloom, and others have to work hard to become attractive. The people from today’s article all have different stories, but the result is the same: they all became more attractive.

We at Bright Side are amazed by everyone who turned into beautiful swans.

“A small comparison of my current look with the old me from early 2020, the one that suffered, dealing with some serious mental health problems.”

Wow. What happened? Good that you are back on track feeling better!


“16-24, still traumatized by my time at school, most of the growth has been internal.”

“After 10+ years of self-loathing and hating my appearance, I think I might be starting to like the person I’m becoming.”

“All the words I’ve heard still haunt me, and I find it hard to look in the mirror sometimes.”

“Was very insecure in the beginning and had an unworthy feeling. In recent years, I have made a lot of changes in my appearance.”

“I guess puberty worked.”

“50 pounds down added a beard and a hairbrush. Overall vibe has stayed pretty consistent though.”

“People really underestimate how much the gym can do for your face.”

“How did I do?”

17 and 21 years old

“14-24, when puberty hits you like a train”

“15 to 21, starting to get confident again.”

Being a late bloomer isn’t the worst thing in the world.

“Still seeing the girl on the left when I look in the mirror now. Changing this mindset will be my biggest accomplishment.”

“Once an emo, always an emo.”

“I know that green lipstick isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite, but still...”

Only the best ones love green lipstick. You rock, girl!


What has changed about your appearance over the years?

Preview photo credit chapoclan / Reddit


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