16 People Who Have a Little Blessing From Nature on Their Body

2 years ago

While some people have regular eyes, others have words written on the whites of them. And some other lucky folks happen to have a fully shaped crescent at the bottom of their eyes. It’s impossible not to notice these things, and instead, we’re often left in absolute awe and maybe even get a little jealous.

Bright Side unearthed 16 brand new pictures that show how nature always finds ways to make people unique.

1. “Noticed ’love’ was written on my mom’s eye today.”

2. Surprisingly, 1 in every 2,000-3,000 babies are born with webbed toes every year.

3. Vitiligo can create the most unique patterns.

4. A person born with the characteristics of pectus excavatum

5. “I don’t have a thumb joint but my ring/pinky knuckle more than makes up for it.”

6. “Does your thumb do this?”

7. “My nephew’s nostrils are shaped like little hearts.”

8. “The inner part of my eye is yellow. My photography friend was so intrigued that she used her macro lens to capture my eye.”

9. “I’ve got Morton’s toe, but only on one foot. This is not something I’ve ever seen before.”

10. “I don’t have a ’swan-neck deformity,’ but I can still bend my fingers in a weird way.”

11. Must be nice knowing that you’re so unique!

12. “I have muscle hypertrophy (muscles grow big without exercise). I got botox in my jaw yesterday because of this.”

13. “My beard has always swirled like this. Same on both sides!”

14. “I only have one joint in my pinkies.”

15. “I have a little white crescent in my eye (it’s harmless).”

16. Partially webbed hands

Do you or any of those close to you happen to have any distinctive features? We’d love to see them.


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