16 People Who Ran Into Unexpected Situations and Had a Good Laugh

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survey revealed that 80% of people consider themselves to be “creatures of habit” and feel like they are stuck in an everyday routine. Most of them also admitted to yearning for adventures that will shake up their humdrum lives. So maybe leaving room for the unexpected, or deviating from the plan every now and then, is not such a bad thing.

Bright Side spotted 16 moments when the universe spiced up people’s lives by throwing funny twists and mishaps at them, and they prove that things don’t always go our way — but at least we can laugh about it.

1. “Took a picture of a green heron this weekend. Thought he looked meme-worthy.”

2. “The snowman came out a little differently than expected.”

3. “Bought XL-sized tank tops from Walmart so they wouldn’t be skin tight. This is not what I expected.”

4. “I ordered wrapping paper online but there was a mistake, and now I have a massive poster of my face. I’m not even mad.”

5. “I accidentally boiled a cracked egg.”

6. “Tried to take a cute pic of my kitty but forgot that the flash was on.”

7. “So I hung up my gloves to dry and ended up scaring the daylights out of my roommate.”

8. “Not what I was expecting when I removed ’red eye.’”

9. “My husband is accidentally a watermelon.”

10. “Felt needling did not go the way I thought it would.”

11. “My wife accidentally used my beard-trimmings towel to dry her face.”

12. “Accidentally locked my cat in the shed. Figured it out hours later. He was not pleased.”

13. “Burnt a hole on my hard hat, so I decided to put it to good use.”

14. “Attempted the hedgehog cake and ended up with nightmare fuel.”

15. “My wife and I bought a car and we accidentally took a panorama photo. Guess I’m an alien.”

16. “Sooo my face swap did not go as expected...”

Are you the type of person who likes to stick to the plan, or are you open to unexpected adventures? Did you experience a funny mishap recently?

Preview photo credit NateCantRead / Reddit


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