16 People Who Were Brave Enough to Embrace Their Natural Beauty

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As teenagers, we often try to cover our insecurities with makeup or clothes, and we usually follow trends to fit in with the crowd. But as we grow up, we become more and more aware of our natural beauty and realize that all of us are perfect in our own way. The curly hair that we straightened every day becomes the thing that we love the most about ourselves, and the hairy legs that we hid under jeans are now carelessly walking around in short skirts.

We at Bright Side believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than one’s natural looks, and these 16 women prove just that.

1. “I’ve kept my upper lip hair ever since I was a young girl. It has never bothered me, but it always has bothered others.”

2. “No makeup, feeling great.”

3. “I got a pedicure with hairy legs for the first time.”

4. “I put this up on my dating profile and feel insecure about not editing some little things, but it’s what I look like most of the time, so it stays.”

5. “A picture of my acne — makeup free after wearing concealer every day to work for 4 months. Trying to embrace my natural skin.”

6. “Just woke up, taking an early morning bath, and haven’t done my eyebrows in weeks.”

7. “I was playing around with an old camera and didn’t mean to take this photo, but I like the result! Still learning to accept my imperfections.”

8. “I feel insecure about my small lips but I’m learning to accept them.”

9. “I’m so glad I ditched my straightener!”

10. “Initially freaked out about under eye wrinkles, but remembered I like smiling too much to care.”

11. “I love my natural glow. Also, I love that I don’t care if people see psoriasis on my legs.”

12. “Me at 42, all-natural!!!”

13. “I’m trying to get more comfortable having no makeup on.”

14. “Almost 30 and embracing the natural face AND the natural gray.”

15. “I’ll never have perfect skin but I’m still beautiful, I think.”

16. “I didn’t wear any makeup for my wedding and I’ve never felt more beautiful.”

What’s one thing you were ashamed of, but is now the thing you love the most about yourself?

Preview photo credit JenLikesCats / Reddit


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