16 Photos That Prove Hair Was One of the Most Iconic Parts of Celebrities in the ’80s

2 years ago

The 1980s were a noteworthy time for hairstyles, as it was the decade of extravagance, and many celebrities were very well-known for their out-of-the-ordinary haircuts. While not everyone wishes to be remembered for their past looks, it’s a different story for people in the spotlight who set hair trends for the rest of us to replicate throughout time.

Rewind your clocks back to the 1980s because Bright Side has compiled a list of notable haircuts celebrities successfully rocked in that era.

1. John Travolta

2. Meryl Streep

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

4. Johnny Depp

5. Tom Cruise

6. Tom Hanks

7. George Clooney

8. Whitney Houston

9. Tina Turner

10. Julia Roberts

11. Brad Pitt

12. Meg Ryan

13. Cher

14. Dolly Parton

15. Demi Moore

16. Cyndi Lauper

Which of the listed hairstyles was your favorite? What celebrity rocked it better?


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