15 Photos That Show Time Is Reigning Over Everything

year ago

Time goes by fast and never stops. Sometimes it’s so swift, we can hardly trace the changes that happen to us, our relatives, and the world around us. It’s only in photos that we can see these drastic differences.

Well-worn piano keys

The footprints made by a monk after praying in the same spot for decades

Recreated their wedding photo after 70 years.

Hands across the generations

A father with his beloved girls 10 years ago and now.

“63 years later and my grandma can still fit into her wedding gown!”

17 years together

“My Uber driver’s consistent arm placement has worn through the top of the center console.”

Same bike, same place, same love...

The dog seems to be bigger and happier!

“My son at one-month-old with his 97-year-old great-grandmother”

The same location, several decades later...

This exterior corner next to the front door of the local bike shop shows significant wear from the last 30 years of customers striking it with their pedals.

This entire brick wall has been shaped by the sea.

Here’s 6 month’s worth of buildup in a pipe used for a mineral pool spa.

Do you have any before and after photos showing that time goes by really fast?

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit AspergerMD / reddit


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that monk foot print in the wood is crazy.. how many times did he stand there..


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