16 Pics That Sum Up Family Life So Well, They Had Us Cry Laughing

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3 years ago

Pranks from spouses, quirks from kids and good old family jokes — some of them can be so hilarious, it’s hard not to shed a tear while laughing. From hiding a present from their teenagers in a dishwasher (because they’ll never peep inside) to sealing an envelope with a band-aid (because why not?), we’re glad Redditors shared the pics of these funny moments with us, spreading endless good vibes of family humor.

We at Bright Side found 16 families who love to have a good laugh together, and we’d love it if you shared your family humor moments in the comments too.

1. “I asked my husband to seal an envelope for mailing.”

And the comments followed:

— “Looks sealed to me.” @goos3d

— “That’s exactly what he said.” @northernCan81

2. “I bought my daughter a gaming chair.”

3. “My daughter did this to every photo in my house to see if my wife would notice.”

4. “We know the teenage kids will never find it in here.”

5. “I asked my husband to get a new leg for the garden flamingo.”

6. “My wife told me to put plastic down before I painted. I assured her I didn’t need it and would be extra careful.”

7. “My husband thoroughly enjoyed the science museum.”

8. “A picture of my brother in P.E. class today”

9. “Parents gave me a gift for college today, which was all the money that my mom found in my pockets when doing my laundry.”

10. “I asked my husband how long the kitchen table was. This is what I got.”

11. “I’m 49. Just found this in my mom’s bookcase.”

12. “When people ask what it’s like having kids, I just show them this.”

13. “My toddler found a white ink pad.”

14. “Year #4 at my wife’s family reunion...”

15. “My wife said she wanted a small coffee table.”

16. “I told my boyfriend I was getting him a burger for Christmas.”

When was the last time your family made you laugh? Tell us in the comments!


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hahaha if there's one thing I learned from painting my room recently it's that you gotta put something down... it takes way less effort to put something down than cleaning the paint


i want someone to give me that kind of burger too😂


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