16 Pictures That Require a Lot of Brainpower to Understand

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As the quote goes, “The world is full of surprises. You just need to know where to look.” And while this can be true on many occasions, sometimes you don’t need to focus anywhere, as a unique occurrence steals your attention no matter what. For example, if someone dressed like Pikachu walks in on the subway, you won’t be able to help but notice and stare. Things like this draw our attention without too much effort.

1. “Who in the world installed that gate?”

2. Chicken and waffle pizza with maple syrup

3. A meat artist

4. “Payment approved, thank you!”

5. “Carpet — and a landline”

6. “For the QR code, please scan the pumpkin.”

7. Have fun visiting the urinal!

8. When cats defy the laws of gravity:

9. “A half pipe table tennis table”

10. “Catch and release but now I regret it.”

11. “You guys had to see this.”

12. An oxygen tank with a plant?

13. Luggage ready!

14. The visibility in there must be great.

15. Meat Jenga

16. Noodle knitting

What is the most unusual thing you’ve noticed out in the world or maybe somewhere inside when you least expected it?


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