16 Powerful Photos That’ll Make Your Heart Beat Faster

3 years ago

Many of us like to look through funny, intriguing, and touching photos on the internet. However, sometimes we scroll through them so quickly that we don’t get a chance to learn their true meaning. The good thing is that there are shots that require only one glance to stop us in our tracks and make us shed a tear or 2.

We at Bright Side believe that only genuine emotions make our life truly precious, while showing empathy to others makes us kinder and more humane.

“After 2 years of failing to make a real baby, last month we got these 2 fur babies. Tonight, I found out I’m pregnant!”

“He guarded a bird with a broken wing under my truck for 4 days before it could fly off. Had to bring them both food and water, because he refused to leave its side day and night, very proud of him.”

“My son was born 11 weeks early. He has had many health issues, but I’m sure he’s just the cutest dang thing you will see today!”

“First moments and last moments with our dog Bluto, 15 years apart.”

A police officer in North Carolina spent his lunch break sharing pizza with a homeless woman.

This mother hen was found taking care of 2 small kittens in a snow storm!

“My father passed away a year ago. This is our dog Rocky who never left his side while he was in hospice.”

Bell center employee helps a blind citizen see the liberty bell.

A robotic cat comforts a former veterinarian with Alzheimer’s.

“My last pregnancy was unsuccessful. When I found out I was pregnant again, I became extremely anxious. Yesterday at my ultrasound, my son smiled! I’m so in love with him already and I cried when I saw this.”

He might not have deep pockets but he sure has a big heart.

“My girlfriend started chemo recently for breast cancer and said ‘see you later’ to her curls today.”

Wyatt Haas, age 5 from Montana, wanted to ride a unicorn before his brain surgery. So he did.

“My 5-year-old son has autism and said his first word yesterday. He said Momma. I never cried so many happy tears in my life.”

“My husband, who always wanted a little girl and who already had her name picked out 10 years ago, holding our newborn daughter”

“For 95 years, these hands have held countless babies, created beautiful art, wiped away tears, and written words that will never be written in the same handwriting again. Today, they clutched my hand for the last time.”

Please tell us about the most touching moment you’ve had in your life.

Preview photo credit Kaymurphs / reddit


The little boy with autism that said momma as his first word just... ??
I love seeing how animals don't distinguish between race or whatsoever. When they love, they love for real! I true example: the hen with the kittens
What a cool officer the one that shared his food with the homeless woman. There should be more people like him

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