16 Truly Unique Gag Gifts That Will Make You Giggle in Disbelief

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They say that making people cry is easier than making them laugh. But the good news is that you don’t have to be a ’’king of comedy’’ to get the giggles going. Amazon is a treasure trove of the kinds of novelty stuff you can’t get anywhere else. And some of them are so incredibly silly that they’re guaranteed to leave those around you crying with laughter.

Bright Side brings you 16 hilariously odd gift ideas that will crack up even the toughest audience.

1. ’’Grow a boyfriend’’ - for those who are struggling with the dating scene

Buy the “Grow a Boyfriend” kit on Amazon now.

Top reviews

Help your single friends cope with the challenges of today’s dating scene with this fun little guy (who can actually be more entertaining than some real dates).

2. You never know when you may need a set of wacky emergency mustaches.

Buy emergency moustaches on Amazon now.

Top pick

The ideal prank gift for anyone who is missing a pair of good old mustaches but is not lacking a great sense of humor.

3. Unicorn socks will make you the true winner of any fancy dress party.

Buy unicorn socks on Amazon now.

Editor’s choice

Yes, they are incredibly tacky and definitely not meant for every occasion, but you’ll need a pair of these to win the crazy socks competition.

4. Screaming goat kit would make a perfect secret Santa gift.

Buy the screaming goat kit on Amazon now.

Top rated

This little figurine can come in handy in a stressful office setting, as a Christmas stocking filler, or as a giggle-inducing bathroom decoration.

5. The hilarious Shocktato party game is going to make any party all the more exciting.

Buy the Shocktato game on Amazon.

Fun and affordable

Introduce this electrifying shocking potato game as a new family activity and take hot potato to the next level.

6. This cheesy jokes set will make the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Buy cheesy jokes on Amazon now.

Attractive design

64 cheese-themed joke cards are perfect for family and friend gatherings and are sure to get everyone laughing.

7. This realistic climbing squirrel figurine will definitely have you questioning your eyesight.

Buy the climbing squirrel on Amazon now.

Great quality

It’s not just that this little guy takes safety very seriously but it will make an eye-catching addition to your garden or backyard and make everyone have to take a second look.

8. You will never go unnoticed while wearing this fake belly waist pack.

Buy the belly waist bag on Amazon now.

Recommended item

Aside from making everyone laugh, the bag itself is sturdy, well-made, and super useful in any situation.

9. Add a twist to your office decor with this pooping cats wall calendar 2022-2023

Buy the pooping cats calendar on Amazon now.

Hilarious and useful

This curious calendar is just what you need for work. Plenty of space to add comments each day, a to-do list option, and loads of chuckles every time you see it.

10. Spice up your Thanksgiving get-together with this stuffed turkey hat.

Buy the stuffed turkey hat on Amazon now.

Soft and cozy

This good-quality item that looks spectacularly funny is perfect for festive occasions.

11. This squeezy cow toy will be your best stress relief buddy.

Buy the moody cow on Amazon now.


This cute cow can become your most trusted stress therapist. Squeeze it and stretch it any way you want to banish anxiety in no time.

12. Personalized custom photo face masks are a fantastic choice for a hen, stag, or birthday party.

Buy personalized masks on Amazon now.

Quick delivery

The number of pranks you can do with this freaky personalized face mask is almost limitless. Plus, it will make that party photo session totally unique and memorable.

13. Imagine wearing this monkey t-shirt on the next casual Friday at your office.

Buy this monkey print t-shirt on Amazon now.

Comfortable fabric

This silky t-shirt with its attention-grabbing print will help you express the fun-loving side of your personality.

14. These rear view spy glasses can become your kid’s next favorite prank toy.

Buy spy glasses on Amazon now.

Fantastic party favor

These glasses with review mirrors are just the right item for a super-secret spy party that everyone is going to talk about.

15. This basket headband hoop game will keep you entertained for hours.

Buy the headband hoop on Amazon now.

Good value

Whether you’re alone or with a group of friends who have a great sense of humor, this basketball headpiece is going to have everyone in stitches.

16. Make your housework more glamourous with these elegant pink gloves.

Buy pink gloves on Amazon now.

Unique present

Nice and long, made of good-quality material, this lovely pair of gloves will make your housework much less stressful.

Tell us about the best gag gift you have ever given to someone.

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