10 Unexpected Tricks That Help Celebrities Look Great on the Red Carpet

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When stars walk and pose on a red carpet, they look flawless, seemingly without having to make the slightest effort. But the truth is that behind those stunning dresses, hairstyles and makeup, there is a variety of tricks that we might not have imagined, which help them look like this.

Bright Side found out what goes on behind the scenes for these stars to display all their glow when cameras are around.

1. They comb their hair with a toothbrush.

ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News, © Depositphotos.com, © Depositphotos.com

It’s common to see celebrities on the red carpet with sleek updos who don’t have a single hair out of place. To make even those unruly hairs in the front stay put, they use a somewhat strange finishing touch: a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray. That way, the rest of the hairstyle is not messed up, and any unruly hairs keep still.

2. They use deodorant to soften shoes.

If the shoes a celebrity will wear to an event are too tight, either because her feet are swollen, or the size is a little small, a simple hack to solve the problem is to spray deodorant on the inside of the heel. It will soften the shoe enough for the foot to slide like silk into it.

3. They make their feet more comfortable with sticky bras and patches.

Another hack to bring more comfort to their feet is to use bust patches instead of shoe inserts that can be too thick or just not useful, depending on the type of shoe they’re wearing. The patches, on the other hand, are almost invisible due to their texture and thickness and, at the same time, protect against chafing.

4. They use soap to tame unruly zippers.

If a zipper refuses to go up or down correctly, celebrities just rub a bar of soap on it to make it slide more easily. The soap acts as a lubricant on the zipper and prevents the zipper from being ruined when you force it to move.

5. They wear a scarf to avoid makeup stains.

Make-up stains can be a common inconvenience when dressing for a gala. Celebrities wear a scarf around their neck while putting on make-up to avoid that. Once the final styling touches are made, they remove it and are ready to rock the red carpet.

6. They remove lipstick stains with hairspray.

If lipstick ends up on the fabric of one of your dresses, hairspray can save your garment. In fact, hairspray is a handy product for several emergency fixes, such as removing lint or pet hair from clothing and even drying nail polish quickly.

7. They get out of the car with both legs together.

When stars wear dresses, arriving at the venue can be complicated since they may accidentally show more than they want to. To look glamorous even then, stylists recommend that celebrities always put both legs together and, in that position, move them out of the car door.

8. They wear foundation on their ears.

AA/ABACA / Abaca / East News

Celebrities’ ears can become their weak spot on the red carpet, as they sometimes look redder than the rest of their face. So they apply foundation beyond the circumference of their face, reaching all the way to the ears, past the hairline, and down to the neck as well. That way, their skin tone will look even and won’t have any contrasting areas.

9. They use eyeshadow to whiten their teeth.

ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News, © Depositphotos.com

Celebrities smear creamy white eye shadow over their dentures if they need an extra boost of brightness and whiteness. It’s a temporary fix, but it’s hardly noticeable and will last long enough for posing and photo ops.

10. They wear dry shampoo on the neck.

VALERY HACHE / AFP / East News, © Depositphotos.com

Celebrities apply a bit of dry shampoo strategically on their hands and necks in hot weather or when the stage heat can make their hair stick around their neck. The shampoo will eliminate any chance of having strands of hair sticking to sweaty skin.

Men also use this trick under their suits and just at the mid-back line to stay dry during galas.

What special touch can make any outfit stand out? What are your secrets to look amazing on galas?

Preview photo credit ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News, VALERY HACHE / AFP / East News


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