16 Women Share How One Detail Can Change Everything About Your Appearance

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Even the shape of your eyebrows can change the way others perceive you. For example, the eyebrows of angry faces are defined as “V-shaped.” Just by changing this detail, you can look more friendly and open.

1. “I couldn’t believe the change in my skin and what can be achieved for reversing sun damage.”

2. The power of makeup

3. “Before and after chin”

4. “Before and after I cut and dyed my own hair last night”

5. “I got braces and had upper jaw surgery.”

6. “Exactly one year of hair growth!”

7. “My before and after rhinoplasty”

8. “I improved the soft glam look.”

9. “Tired, washed-out ginger to brunette bob”

10. “This week was officially 1-year post double jaw surgery for me!”

11. “Before and after of me doing my mom’s makeup!”

12. “I went from natural black to blonde/gray.”

13. My (now ex) boyfriend always said he preferred me with long, natural hair, so naturally, I chopped off 10 inches and dyed it red!"

14. “Finally got a pixie!”

15. Makeup progression

16. “My lip filler journey”

Have you ever tried any professional cosmetic procedures? What is your favorite feature in your appearance?

Preview photo credit ZeMeest / Reddit


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