17 Cats Who Hit the Snooze Button Faster Than We Could Blink

2 years ago

Every cat owner has millions of photos of their cats, and there is definitely one masterpiece-like photo that has to be shown to everyone. This time, online users showed photos of their pets that just need to lie down to absolutely win someone over. If you have a picture like this, share it with us and our readers!

We at Bright Side were not about to try to resist the charm to these fluffy cuties and also added 2 bonuses at the end of the article for people who want to experience these warm photos.

1. “Guess I’m not working today...”

2. “She outgrew the bowl a long time ago but refuses to sleep anywhere else...”

3. How do you like this ballet show?

4. And they say it’s healthy to sleep on something hard...

5. “My beloved colleague”

6. “She suddenly fell asleep like this while I was just playing with her.”

7. When you want to be as close as possible to someone you love:

8. “Yeah, what do you want?”

9. “My cats now only sleep together.”

10. “I take my cat on adventures but he just sleeps right through them.”

11. “A cat from a nearby farm brought her kitten to me.”

12. “This is his favorite place to sleep.”

13. “Don’t let this picture fool you. Earlier, he fell asleep while biting my arm.”

14. “Taking a nap in my wife’s purse”

15. “My British shorthair sleeping on his favorite chair”

16. “He’s going to be angry when I have to go back to work.”

17. “Oh look, it’s on sale.”

Bonus № 1: After we saw a lot of other people’s cats, we at Bright Side decided to support the trend. Here are our masters of rest.

Bonus № 2: “When she sleeps like this, her spots form a heart.”

Where and how does your pet like to sleep?

Preview photo credit possiblyexisting1 / Reddit


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My friend has this cat that wants to hide in the most mysterious places. Last here, he came home to find her sleeping in a pan with rice..... lol


those poses and a healthy sleep.. this is beyond my understanding


my cat also slept like this cat in #10 when it was a kitten. It was waayy to cute


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