17 Cats Who Think They’re the Kings and Queens of the Universe, and We Don’t Even Dare to Protest

3 years ago

If you have a cat in the house, you’ll most likely agree that these creatures believe they’re the head of the household and that the whole world was built for them. They’ll lie in the planter right over your favorite flowers, they’ll put their paw on your head while you cook, and send the poor doggo to sleep on the floor while lying in their bed just to steal the show. It’s up to you to decide whether to accept your cat’s superiority, but it’s surely a good idea to take a picture of your arrogant feline.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve searched the Internet for the most lordly looking cats with a grand opinion of themselves, and here are our top 17 picks.

1. “My mother was wondering why flowers were growing only in half the pot.”

2. “After months of trying, I think my dog has finally gotten the cat to accept her friendship.”

3. “Mr. Bigglesworth likes to put his paw on my head when I’m preparing things in the kitchen.”

4. “Rufus lying on his cat bed that he allows his human to borrow on a nightly basis”

5. “My girlfriend got me this awesome shirt for Valentine’s Day. Our cat sat on the word ’dad’ making the shirt say ’Best Cat Ever.’”

6. “This is how the cat lets us know the dog is out of water.”

7. “We just moved into our first house! I think my cat’s settling in nicely...”

8. “We just adopted a dog. This pic sums up how the cat feels about him.”

9. “I entered the room to find my cat had created herself a superhero costume.”

10. “I think you can sleep on the floor tonight, doggo.”

11. “Our cat thinks that he’s the most photogenic of cats.”

12. “Got a kitten just this week. Now I understand why people with cats complain they can’t do much work from home...”

13. “My cat, living his best life”

14. “My neighbor’s cat regularly comes over to disapprove of us.”

15. “My neighbor’s dog came over for rubs and my cat got jealous.”

16. “I didn’t know I’d have to give up my dog when I got a cat. And by give up, I mean the cat now owns the dog.”

17. “My cat when he thinks there’s no one home”

Do you have pets? Have they ever tried to convince you that they’re on top of the world? Share the pictures of your self-important pets in the comments!

Preview photo credit Steuv1871 / Reddit


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