17 Celebs Who Totally Owned Awkward Moments Like It Was No Big Deal

9 months ago

Celebrities with fancy clothes, shiny hair, and high heels look perfect in movies and TV. But sometimes, their outfits may have problems. The amazing thing is most stars handle these situations with dignity and a good sense of humor. Let’s know them.

Salma Hayek

During an event, Salma Hayek’s glove accidentally got caught on Fran Drescher’s black dress. But don’t worry, an assistant quickly fixed the issue. The best part was that both actresses turned it into a lighthearted joke, showing their sense of humor and making everyone smile.

Margot Robbie

During a public event, something happened to Margot Robbie’s zipper. Fortunately, Alexander Skarsgård, who was standing nearby, reacted quickly and helped her fix it. After just a few seconds, both actors resumed posing for photographers like total pros. Their swift recovery showcased their composure and professionalism.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen chose a dress with an incredibly high slit, leaving her feeling a bit exposed. She had to cover herself to maintain her comfort and modesty. Even in such moments, she handled it with grace and poise.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson opted for a short dress for her appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. During the show, she found herself needing to cover herself with her hands to feel more at ease. Despite the unexpected situation, she managed it gracefully and continued her interview like a pro.


Vianney Le Caer / Invision / AP / East News, Joel C Ryan / Invision / AP / East News

Rihanna looked stunning in her chic outfit, but it kept sliding down. Not one to be deterred, the pop diva quickly found a clever solution—she held the dress in her hands to keep everything in place. Her fashion prowess and quick thinking saved the day, and she continued to confidently rock her look.

Nicole Kidman

East News, East News

The tricky cut of Nicole Kidman’s dress almost caused a hiccup in her evening, but she didn’t let it spoil her mood. The actress handled the situation with great humor, continuously adjusting her dress while maintaining her radiant smile throughout the event. Her grace and positivity shone through, making her a true role model in handling wardrobe challenges.

Amy Adams

0000613 / Reporter / East News

Amy Adams chose an incredibly tight-fitting dress, making it difficult for her to move comfortably on the red carpet. However, her dedication to the event and professionalism prevailed as she continued to pose for the photographers with a big smile.

Despite the wardrobe challenge, she showcased her grace and determination, making the best of the situation with her infectious positivity.

Jennifer Aniston

MCI / East News

Jennifer Aniston’s dress hem seemed to have a mind of its own for the evening. Nevertheless, the actress was determined not to let it cause any wardrobe mishaps.

She gracefully managed the situation with impressive endurance, ensuring the dress stayed in place throughout the event. Her grace and composure in handling the unexpected added to her already admirable presence on the occasion.

Raffey Cassidy

ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP / East News, Kazuko Wakayama / KCS / East News

During an event, Raffey Cassidy found herself entangled in her dress. Thankfully, her colleagues Natalie Portman, Brady Corbet, and Stacy Martin came to her rescue and helped her get untangled, displaying teamwork and camaraderie. Their support and quick actions made the situation more manageable for Raffey, and she could continue with the event with gratitude and a smile.

Sharon Stone

Briquet-Hahn-Marechal / ABACA / East News, Matt Baron / BEImages / East News

Despite wetting the bottom of her dress, which caused the heavy fabric to sag and the cuts to go further than intended, Sharon Stone remained remarkably composed. She didn’t show a hint of concern or frustration, demonstrating her poise and professionalism.

The incident didn’t faze her, and she continued the event as if nothing had happened, leaving everyone in awe of her cool demeanor.

Jennifer Lopez

Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / East News

J.Lo’s stunning dress seemed to overlook the fact that people sweat, and antiperspirant might not always do the trick. However, the singer and actress appeared utterly unfazed by it. She didn’t let a little sweat bother her and rocked her outfit with confidence.

Lily-Rose Depp

Invision / Invision / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

Lily-Rose Depp faced an awkward situation when her bra seemed to misbehave. However, the quick-thinking actress reacted swiftly, elegantly holding the top of her outfit to maintain her composure.

Jennifer Lawrence

Dee Cercone / Everett Collection / East News, © SAG Awards / TNT

Despite the bottom part of Jennifer Lawrence’s impressive dress getting torn while on her way to the stage, the actress remained remarkably composed. She didn’t let the wardrobe malfunction faze her in the slightest.

Zoe Saldaña

PacificCoastNews.com / East News, PacificCoastNews.com / East News

During the event, Zoe Saldaña had a little mishap when she accidentally stepped on the hem of her dress, which almost made her trip and fall. But her wonderful colleagues came to the rescue.

They offered a helping hand, ensuring she didn’t stumble, and turned the situation into a heartwarming display of friendship and support. Together, they handled the moment with a smile and made the event even more memorable.

Rosamund Pike was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when her dress split down the back.

Rosamund Pike appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when, unfortunately, her dress split down the back. Despite the wardrobe mishap, she handled the situation with humor and poise, turning it into a lighthearted moment. Her ability to laugh it off showed her easy-going and delightful nature, making the show even more enjoyable for everyone.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker looked absolutely stunning in her mini dress, and even the need to constantly pull the dress down and adjust her bra didn’t spoil her look. She managed it all with a smile and didn’t let the little adjustments affect her confidence and elegance. Her style and grace remained intact, and she continued to rock the event with her signature charm.

Being a celebrity isn’t just about clothes and makeup. Famous people are always under the relentless scrutiny of cameras and must save face in awkward situations. That’s what they do.

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