17 Cozy Design Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Home

5 months ago

Our home can influence us in the most surprising ways. Scientists have concluded that people who live in a house or apartment with a high ceiling have better abstract thinking and those who have plants are more likely to help people around them. We haven’t conducted our own study yet but we’re sure the items depicted in this article will change the way your home looks for the better.

Bright Side has collected 17 nice interior objects that will make your room look unique. You can make most of these things on your own in just a single evening.

17. A chunky knitted blanket

A chunky knitted blanket is a stylish and cozy detail. You can create this warm, soft item on your own with your own 2 hands.

16. A hand-painted wall

Such a room will definitely make you dream about reaching for the sky and setting new goals. You don’t have to be a great artist to create a magnificent mountain scene like this one.

15. A spiral lamp made out of wooden dowels

Who says designer lamps have to be expensive? You can make a great lamp with your own 2 hands: all you’ll need is your imagination and some wooden dowels.

14. A clothing rack

Why should you hide your bright clothes in a wardrobe closet? Let them decorate your room! A nice hand-made clothing rack will make your home look even cozier.

13. An asymmetric rack

This rack is made out of storage boxes joined together with stationery clips. Do you want to renew your room’s interior? Well, this idea is especially for you.

12. Flowers above your bed

Such tender decor can be easily made out of artificial flowers. If your wall is painted with 1 color, then the flowers will look really stylish.

11. A hexagon wall

You’ll only need great colors and stylish hexagon shelves to create an awesome wall like this one.

10. A vintage rack

Don’t throw away your old window frames — give them a second life and make an elegant rack out of them.

9. Embroidery hoop pictures

What do you do with items left from an old hobby that are lying in a drawer like old yarn or string? Place the fabric you like in these hoops and make sure the pattern looks the way you want. Well done!

8. A bright lamp

One more way to use old fabric: decorate your lamp with it in just 10 minutes!

7. A stool with knitted upholstery

You can renew your chair or stool using an old sweater. Use the leftovers to decorate a flower pot.

6. Oriental design

Check your closet: there might be a funny lamp or an extremely bright pillow that you don’t know what to do with. If you don’t have such items, you can create an oriental atmosphere all on your own.

5. Colorful shelves

You’ll definitely want to place all your favorite items on these shelves whether they be awards, souvenirs, or superhero figurines. Thanks to a harmonious combination of colors, a colorful circle doesn’t look weird at all.

4. Rainbow curtains

Create a delightful atmosphere with the help of some incredible rainbow curtains.

3. A coffee table planter

Ornamental plants can definitely cheer us up. Just imagine yourself sitting behind this table and drinking coffee in the morning.

2. Light bulb planters

Make some vases out of old light bulbs and they’ll turn your room into a sunny place even in winter.

1. Giving broken pots a second life

Have you ever broken your favorite flower pot? It’s not a problem anymore! Give it a second chance and create a nice miniature green world.

Do you want to renew your home now after seeing these great suggestions? Which item did you like the most?


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