17 Epic Shots That Made Our Jaws Drop When We Were Scrolling Through Our Feed

3 years ago

It may seem that in order to take a great photo, you need a professional camera, a good model, and the perfect location. In reality, you can take an epic shot wherever you are. A gigantic burl on a tree in a local park, a frog that’s smaller than your fingernail, or a view from a window that looks like an oil painting — they all can become your inspiration for amazing pics.

The 17 people who took these photos know it well, and here at Bright Side, we couldn’t take our eyes off their amazing shots.

1. “A large burl growing on a bur oak and my 60 lb pup for scale”

2. “The washing machine somehow tucked everything into my robe.”

3. “This broken tree looks like a dinosaur or a dragon.”

4. “My friend looks like the drawing on this colored pencil case.”

5. This dog looks like a horse running along the beach.

6. “Our chicken laid a 4 inch egg with another egg inside it.”

7. “The cat I just adopted has spots that look like Jack Skellington.”

8. This giant driftwood reminded us of a turtle head.

9. This tree stump looks like a miniature wooden copy of a city with skyscrapers.

10. “The reflection of the outdoor firepit makes the couch look like it’s on fire.”

11. “I saw this big buck crossing the river yesterday morning.”

12. “The way this soda bottle popped open in the freezer”

13. “This morning I found, by far, the smallest frog I have ever seen in my entire life.”

14. “This picture of a mall through a rainy window looks like a painting.”

15. This broken window reminded us of a dog silhouette.

16. “The way this apple grew between branches”

17. These trees are bent in a most extraordinary way and look like fairy tale.

When was the last time you grabbed your camera to take a pic of something truly exceptional? Share your epic photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit Apocalizz / Reddit


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11 is a bit scary if you ask me xD Looks like it care straight from a horry story!


Had to check picture 10 twice haha this is what happens when you only look at the pictures instead of the titles first!


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