17 Epic Situations All People With Siblings Have Faced

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3 years ago

When people find out you have a sibling, they always say that it’s really cute. You usually hear about how lucky you are and how it’s cool because you always have a friend by your side. But they just don’t have a clue, do they? They don’t know anything about your everyday fights and pranks. Sounds familiar? Then this article is definitely for you.

Bright Side has collected some situations that make all siblings say, “Hey, this is about us!”

17. “I texted my younger brother during graduation to remind him that full-time employment is right around the corner.”

16. A photo showing what it means to be a younger brother

15. Each inch counts.

14. “My brother decided to wake me up like this.”

13. — “Why is your sister in a cage?”


— “We’re playing lions at the zoo!”

12. She probably doesn’t like it.

11. You only have 1 minute.

10. “I just told my sister she ate an intestine.”

9. When your older brother is learning to drive:

8. When you fall asleep first, remember that it’s not safe.

7. “I barely touched you!”

6. Younger brother reactions

5. “Can’t stop laughing at my sister.”

4. When your sister asks you to make her some food too:

3. “Do you really think this is enough to fill a bowl?”

2. You can’t help photobombing your sister’s photos.

1. “Bought my brother tree trimmers for Christmas, built a cardboard frame around them and wrapped them like this.”

Do any of these moments ring a bell with you? Either way, we think our siblings will always support us in difficult situations no matter what happens. Do you agree?

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Oh, yes. I remember the times when my bro was learning to drive...


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