8 Hilarious Cases of Boredom Making People Creative

10 months ago

Some might think that being bored is not exciting and does no good. Research has shown that being bored actually stimulates creativity and pushes one to search for deeper meaning and satisfaction. But not everything creative should be useful — funny is enough.

Bright Side gathered the most hilarious examples of people conquering their boredom. Have you ever done any of these?

Om nom nom nom!

If there are more than 2 complaints per person, we send our special cockroach agent to take that human out.

Star Wars fever!

I made myself a new team of advisors.

How many times did this dude go to the vending machine?

An affordable way to paint your car

“I converted a bike bell into a tiny grill. Who wants baby bike ribs?”

“My self-made Lightyear suit!”

Which one of these did you like the most? Share with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Unknown/Imgur


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#1, all that time and money wasted on putting sticky notes on the car, could've been spent on actually getting it painted


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