17 Mysterious Photos That Can Put Your Nervous System to the Test

year ago

All of us like to look at beautiful and cute things, like a playful kitten or sea waves rolling onto the beach. But sometimes, we want to experience a thrill that tickles our nerves a little bit. This is why we’d like to show you some mysterious photos that can become a real roller coaster for your emotions.

“This abandoned hospital had a visitor last night.”

“A picture of my mom and ’Santa’ in 1974”

The view was ruined by the flood.

“This old Easter Bunny I found in a photo album my grandma gave me”

The face of a sunflower

Look who found a shelter in this jack-o’-lantern.

“Something is eating my garbage bin.”

  • It is happening at my house. I thought it was rats and put up an outdoor nest camera. It turned out it was squirrels. They even bring scraps from other places to eat at my location. © BillyRay_Valentine / Reddit

“I took a photo of my fiancé while she was putting on her hoodie.”

“The view from my grandmother’s sun room”

This cat’s eyes

“We just decided to take a panoramic photo of the Eiffel Tower.”

“I’ve come to the aquarium, and this seal is staring at me.”

A scary and, at the same time, beautiful sky

“This is where Pennywise lives, I’m certain.”

“The top shelf at my local IKEA looks like they’re running a sci-fi cloning lab.”

“Remains of a decomposed cactus, all that’s left is its spines.”

“Those are all cat eyes.”

Which photo gave you goosebumps? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Disaster_External / Reddit


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