17 Non-Obvious Signs That Your Home Is Actually Clean

3 years ago

A typical cleaning session at home consists of cleaning dust, wiping down the stove, sanitizing the bathroom, and washing the floor. Sometimes we pay attention to smaller details and clean lamps and radiators. But more often than not, we overlook these things and the coziness of our place disappears over time.

The Bright Side team has made a list of 17 things to look at when you need to determine if your place is really clean or not. If you pay attention to these small things every time you clean, you’ll see a huge improvement in how your place feels.

1. Kitchen surfaces will remain as good as new if you quickly wash them with a cloth immediately after you cook anything.

2. Kitchen appliances should be cleaned well so that stains don’t remain there forever.

3. Cleaning sponges should be replaced every week and kept dry.

4. Towels, oven gloves, and other textiles should be replaced once a week.

5. The bottoms of frying pans and cooking pots will always be clean if you wash them right after using them.

6. Hard water in the kettle looks bad and makes the water taste worse. Splash it with water each time before using it and wash it with soap every week.

7. You can avoid the bad smell from the trash can if you buy a bucket with a lid and wash the bucket every week.

8. Sofas, armchairs, and pillow cases should be washed at least 2 times a year.

9. When cleaning dust, don’t forget about doorknobs, switches, and power outlets. They’ll always be clean this way.

10. The same is true for paintings and photo frames on the walls. Pay attention to the inside corners — a lot of dust builds up there.

11. Balconies are often cluttered with useless stuff. Instead, you can turn it into an office or a gym.

12. Don’t forget to wash the taps to remove any water stains.

13. A clean shower curtain is what makes any bathroom look great.

14. Move detergents to the shelves.

15. The laundry basket should have a lid so that the dirty laundry is not visible.

16. Regularly clean the soap dish.

17. The rubber piece in the door of your washing machine can surprise you with unexpected things. If you clean it often, you can avoid such surprises.

How do you decide if it’s finally time to clean in your home? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Those outlets are hard because sometimes they are meant to be "hidden"


My problem is that I am tired after I cook and I just want to eat


Also, that counts for the toothbrush. Changing it regularly is a must :)


Wow... I am a clean addict and some of those things I didn't know. Like changing the sponges once a week? That's new.


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