17 People Who Lost Weight and Started Living a Whole New Life

2 years ago

Many people dream of losing weight but only a few find the inner strength to actually do it. Their excuses might be different, like claiming to be big-boned or blaming it on genetics. However, there are people who managed to accomplish their weight-loss goals and it’s almost impossible to recognize them in old photos.

Bright Side found 17 of these people and we applaud them for their determination. If you want to lose weight, we hope you get inspired by this article and change your life for the better.

They wanted to change themselves and they did it. He lost 70lb, she lost 56lb.

Lost 151lb in 2 years. “For each pound that I lose, I capture a Pokémon! I have finally caught the entire First Generation. Now to start on Gen 2!”

Only 8 months have passed and she said goodbye to 85 lb.

One more couple proved that love is the best motivation: they lost 170lb between them.

It took 6 long years for this woman to get rid of an extra 100lb.

This man was fighting depression while raising 3 kids alone. But he pulled himself together and lost 84lb in 2 years. He has changed beyond recognition.

This girl decided to change her life when her extra weight became the reason for many health problems. She lost 100lb in 2 years.

She lost 100lb and she’s been in a good shape for one year already.

She combined a healthy diet and fitness. And the result is impressive — 170 lb lost.

Thanks to a healthy diet and rigorous training this man lost 141lb in just 16 months.

She lost 92lb and now looks like a whole different person.

The progress is evident — down 91lb in 2 years.

Eating meals in small portions and regular training is a key to success. She lost 72lb in just 7.5 months.

He lost 90lb in 13 months. What a great achievement!

After 15 months of hard work, she lost 150lb.

She’s the absolute winner of our list: she lost 220lb in just 2 years!

Pasquale Brocco was once 605lb, but he worked hard and lost 326lb! Now he launched his own weight-loss coaching program.

We feel really happy for all of these people who might inspire you with their incredible achievements. What do you think about them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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