17 Photos Showing How True Love Is Born

4 years ago

In high school, on the Internet, on the street, or even at the zoo — love can happen anywhere at any time. And some of us have managed to capture these moments in photos. 5, 10, or even decades ago, their love has managed to grow stronger and it’s something to really be proud of.

Bright Side and its team can’t help but melt when we get to see couples that show their strong feelings for each other. Seriously, we can’t stay indifferent! That’s why we can’t wait to share these touching photos and the warm love stories behind them. And at the end of the article, we’ve included a rather charming bonus!

1. “10.5 years ago, I just wanted to dance with a boy. And then we chose to spend the rest of our lives together.”

2. “I finished the 7,300-mile distance, then married my best friend!”

3. “This is one of the reasons I married him. And when I came in with my camera he just looked at me like, ’What?’”

4. “After meeting on our first day of college, and dating for 7 years, we vowed to spend the rest of our lives together.”

5. “I almost died, graduated from college, and got married to the love of my life. She’s been there by my side through everything!”

6. “First photo of us, then 6 years later”

7. “Marrying a zookeeper is wild!”

8. “The day my 80-year-old mom married her 80-year-old boyfriend”

9. “My wife and I are celebrating 10 years together. Senior prom and our wedding day!”

10. “My grandpa, 96, and my grandma, 94, celebrating their seventy-fifth-anniversary, dancing. He still has the moves!”

11. “My parents just recently celebrated 37 years together. Here’s a picture of them from the ’80s!”

12. “My parents are pictured here, 37 years apart. I think they’ve aged pretty well.”

13. “One year later, same place same day — let’s hope for many more!”

14. “Our 1992 wedding day photos recreated 25 years later in 2017!”

15. “I was 10, she was 11. Almost 13 years later, we admitted that we were both still head-over-heels for one another.”

16. “From our first dance in high school (2003) to our first married dance (2013)”

17. “9 years later...we’re married!”

Bonus: “Here’s my favorite honeymoon memory: spikey boy fell asleep in my hand!”

Do you have sweet photos of you and your significant other? Let’s share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Spooky_Gecko / reddit


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Well a lot of those true love many of them meet when they where young or like childhood crushes, how about true love when you meet someone out of the blue and directly know you want to spend a lifetime with the person but it also took maby a half a lifetime to find it.
That counts as true love is born to right?


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