17 Photos That Prove We Have a Lot to Surprise Aliens With (If They Ever Visit Us)

4 years ago

The things that ancient people considered magic and a manifestation of higher powers are routine and have been researched by science today. However, even now the universe has some aces hidden up its sleeve for us. Ancient coins, mysterious opals, and even a road that decided to travel — you’ll find all these and more in our article.

Bright Side always keeps looking for something new and astonishing and we will never get tired of being surprised at the things surrounding us. How about you?

“I own a 2000-year-old Roman coin.”

“A cutting board in my restaurant after 5 years of use”

Mt. Fuji recently — a rare lenticular cloud

This is a door lock inside of a building that was built in 1545.

Sand Pendulum records 5.7 earthquake waves

This rock looks like a piece of good steak

Natural snow rolls caused by wind

The Moon decided to be Saturn for a while.

This is what happens to aluminum when a 1/2 oz piece of plastic hits it at 15,000 mph in space.

The colors of Peru, South America

A storm literally picked up and moved this road.

Salvador Dali Ménagère silver cutlery set from 1957

This is the World’s Largest Flower. It’s native to Southeast Asia as also very smelly.

Wonderful amethyst

Rhodotus Palmatus fungi look like brains.

Perfect geometrical patterns

That’s what an x-ray of a pregnant cat looks like.

Is there a couple of interesting photos in your gallery that would complement our article? Please share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Ichbinatheist / reddit


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I went to those mountains in Peru and all I can say is that they are beautiful!


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