17 Photos That Show How Tender Nature Can Be

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According to the dictionary, tenderness is to be loving and gentle — it means showing love and affection to something or someone. Being tender is a feature that is generally related more to humans, but our collection of photos proves that nature can be tender too, especially when we see how animals take care of their babies.

1. “This is how newborn pandas look.”


2. “Please take care of my baby!”

3. “Chicken hugs”

4. “A little baby mouse/rat I found yesterday”

5. “I got a puppy a few weeks after having a baby and they are obsessed with each other.”

6. “This is baby Fritz and his big sister, Fiona. They live together at the Cincinnati Zoo. As you can see, baby bro Fritz loves his big sister very much.”

7. “Danielle is giving her brother hugs.”

8. “A gently stretching polar bear”

AA/ABACA/Abaca/East News

9. “A baby moose sharing a tender moment with his mother”

Patrick Pleul/DPA/East News

10. “My boy curled up on my pillow with his stuffed animal.”

11. “This is what a baby brush-tail possum looks like.”

John Cancalosi / ardea.com/EAST NEWS

12. “Mom will always be by your side, kid!”

imago/Strussfoto/EAST NEWS

13. “A baby elephant appeared dancing with his mom.”

Owen Kandume/Solent News & Photo Agency/Solent News/East News

14. “This white alligator is too cute for being an alligator.”

John Cancalosi / ardea.com/EAST NEWS

15. “A baby seal swimming with one of its parents through the water basin”

dpa/picture-alliance/EAST NEWS

16. “A cute newborn foxie”

Wildlife Aid Foundation/Solent/East News

17. “While shooting the latest Pirates of the Caribbean on the Gold Coast, Johnny Depp met a little flying fox bat named Jackie Sparrow. Here he is.”

White Label/Adam Cox/East News

Do you think animals can be as tender as humans?


There can be No Doubt that animals can be not just as Tender as humans but in many instances more Tender, Gentle & Empathetic than Many Humans.

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