17 Photos That’ll Make You Feel the Sweet Embrace of Time

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According to scientists, our perception of time changes according to a situation. However, we’re usually too immersed in everyday life to notice how fast it flies. Because of that, we sometimes have to make a comparison to realize that time really goes by and certainly leaves a mark.

An old saying claims that time waits for no one, and we at Bright Side agree. Thus, we wanted to show you these 17 pictures and remind you of how everything changes as the years pass by.

1. He was born premature, and today he’s 16. This is his dad’s wedding ring for scale.

2. “Trafalgar Square, London. 70 years apart. My son and my dad”

3. “35 years ago my grandparents were at Disney World.”

4. “My grandma when she was young and me”

5. “I kept all of my old cell phones throughout the years and decided to display them”.

6. “6-year-old Converse compared to brand new ones”

7. “My mom and I as lawyers 35 years apart”

8. Evolution of a phone.

9. “Same mom, same me, same teddy bear some 55 years apart”

10. “Finally switched my transparent phone case. This is what 3 years of sunlight looks like.”

11. This stop sign was probably red a long time ago.

12. “The sun has weathered this sign over time. Now it looks like it’s heavy metal style.”

13. “Giving my boys a ride and my boys giving me a ride”

14. “We were visiting our old hometown and noticed these poles were still in front of our childhood home.”

15. “My brother and I each received identical teddy bears when we were born. I loved mine just a bit more.”

16. “Me with my dad and me with my first son, 39 years apart”

17. “My grandma’s hand next to mine. Over 60 years of age difference.”

Do you think that time flies too fast?

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