17 Pics That Prove Animals and Water Are an Incompatible Match

3 years ago

Those who have ever washed a pet are well aware of how difficult it can be. This is all because animals don’t consider such procedures to be pleasant — their scared looks and behavior perfectly convey the state of their souls at that very moment. But hygiene is important and that’s why today is the perfect day to remind you that scrubbing those soggy animals isn’t just about cleanness but having fun as well.

We at Bright Side editorial have pets of our own, so we invite you to look at these cuties, have a laugh, and gain the energy to wash your own pets.

Cat bath

Just look at this.

One’s true appearance is always revealed after being dipped in water.

That’s what a wet pomeranian looks like.

Soggy koala looks like an old stuffed toy!

The cat realizes too late that it’s been tricked into the bath bucket.

“I gave my pomeranian a bath...and he went full meerkat!”

Wow, check out that wet fringe!

It’s as if these were 2 different dogs...

It’s important to keep calm in any weird situation.

Someone has just turned into a mouse.

You’d better stay away from an owl when it’s wet.

“My Mia, before and after a rare bath”

Fluffy vs wet

“What do you know about horror?!”

“Her eyes say she’s already creating a plot for revenge.”

“What’s cuter than a soggy baby in the tub? 2 cute soggy babies in the tub!”

Bonus: what fluffy kitties with dry heads and wet bodies look like

Please share photos of your soggy pets with us!

Preview photo credit Unknown / imgur, Damaxan / reddit


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My kitty becomes soo angry when it comes to water that I don't even thinking about giving her a bath lol


I am among the unlucky ones... My dogs hair are really short and I cannot use such pics to blackmail him hahahaha


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