17 Times When Friendship and Kindness Surpassed All Barriers

2 years ago

Approximately 15,000 years ago, the relationship between animals and humans was different: they were kept close because of the services they could provide instead of being just pets. Today, a bond has developed, and we no longer need them for practical activities. Having an animal now is more about companionship, love, and lots of fun.

That’s why Bright Side prepared these 17 examples, to show us how special these connections can be.

1. A cow and a cat being friends!

2. “We hosted an awesome Christmas dinner for our shelter cats. Merry Christmas!”

3. “Our apartment building caught on fire last night and we couldn’t find our cat. Today, we returned to find our apartment intact and our baby alive.”

4. “A friend saw this on her walk this morning.”

5. “My gramps giving my cat bear ’rides’ around the house on his walker”

6. “Now Herbie loves his passers-by.”

7. “The owner of our local pizza place always gives us a small cup of pepperonis for my dog.”

8. “Be sure to get under the chin.”

9. “I commissioned a 9-year-old to draw my dog. I think she nailed it!”

10. “Found a sea turtle...upside down.”

11. “I think someone has a crush on my Christmas light decoration.”

12. “We have a local man who rehabs all kinds of birds. This is today’s new patient, found in a hardware store parking lot.”

13. “GIMLI the Pigbull”

14. “Nice to have a buddy when you’re down and out.”

15. “This cat decided to visit us today in class. She just came through the window.”

16. “In case anyone needs to see it, here’s Max (a small happy dog) and Luna (a big happy dog) visiting Santa.”

17. “Colby keeping his farm kitten friends warm”

Have you ever experienced a situation where you had to help an animal? How was it? Also, do you have a pet that you really love? We’d like to know in the comments!

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