17 Users Who Prove Parenting Isn’t for the Weak

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4 years ago

Raising a child can be one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors an adult can embark on. And although it comes with a huge responsibility, being a parent doesn’t always mean dealing with a constant headache or stressing over it. Every kid offers more than enough moments of fun and entertainment, thanks to their massive and unfiltered creativity.

Bright Side gathered a series of photos that prove being a parent can be demanding at times, but it’s never boring for sure.

1. “Our attempt at painting with a toddler present...”

2. “How do I look?”

3. “Your toddler recruited her older sister into her shenanigans.”

4. “I watched 101 Dalmatians and wanted to look like one of them.”

5. “Mom, hold me! I want to play with the cat for a bit.”

6. “I’ll never leave you”

7. “I don’t sting... or bite.”

8. “Who’s watching who?”

9. The latest fashion

10. “What? Everyone’s got their own methods...”

11. “I’m not sleepy, mom...”

12. “Come on, let’s go!”

13. The first cosplay

14. Not even the dog made it.

15. Judging by the color of the water, the father wasn’t the only one who was blue.

16. It was the dogs’ fault.

17. “Quick, I don’t have enough strength left to hold it!”

Do you have priceless memories with your children? Tell us in the comment section, and, if you have the pics to prove it, share them with us!

Preview photo credit unknown author / Imgur


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Fathers become a bit more fashionable when they get a daughter :D

laughed from #9


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