18 Designers Who Went Bold and Tried to Think Outside the Box

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If you think a phone charger can be nothing like a small, simple device, then you’re mistaken. It can look like a cup of noodle soup. Just a little bit of fantasy and your daily routine can become an adventure.

We at Bright Side always fight boredom and are sharing 18 creative ideas from designers that make our world more diverse.

1. “The Cup Noodles phone charger”

2. “Talk to the foot.”

3. “Heels made of durian shell”

4. The car is fixed.

5. Toefers

6. “This guy had a glass eye turned into a ring.”

7. “These fat hairy belly fanny packs”

8. “My cousin made this coaster out of a broken iPhone charger.”

9. “This classic phone-lamp”

10. “This bike in Copenhagen”

11. “Plant pots at the local fair”

12. At a pizza place

13. “Hippo car rear end”

14. “These salt and pepper shakers that my aunt keeps on her shelf”

15. “Seat warmers”

16. “This puking dolphin faucet”

17. “Eyeball handbag”

18. Denim dishes

Which picture did you like the most? Do you like to buy creative things?


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Actually that cup noodles phone charger isn’t awful. The rest—— the vintage phone was so close to being amazing. Some were interesting ideas but the execution wasn’t practical enough for me to buy. I do like weird/unique stuff though so I am searching for food related phone chargers or at least office decor! Haha


I look forward to brand new updates and will sh?re this b?og with my F??ebook group.
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