18 Faithful 4-Legged Friends Who Have a Place in Their Hearts for Each of Us

3 years ago

If you feel like your dog is making puppy eyes at you or is trying to look sad intentionally, you might be right. In the process of evolution, dogs, unlike wolves, developed special muscles that allow them to control their eyebrow movements and influence people better this way. But the pets from our compilation don’t have a reason to resort to such tricks — they earned a reputation for being good boys and girls all on their own.

The Bright Side editorial team made an effort to find dogs who deserve rave reviews for their good behavior. There’s no doubt that their owners are proud of their training.

“My sister sent me a photo of her great dane and the new puppy they just got.”

Mimicking its owner, this dog learned to pick up plastic. They cleaned the whole neighborhood together.

“I found this kitten in the woods. I thought my old cats would adopt him but it seems like my big boy accepted daddy duty.”

“People say that my Cherry doesn’t look like a dog. But she’s a loyal friend, just a small one. And she bravely protects me from the vacuum cleaner and our slow cooker.”

“I adopted this cutie from a shelter. When I first met him, he jumped onto my chair to lick my face. This was definitely an unexpected way to meet my new best friend.”

“My cat got sick and couldn’t walk. My mom sent me a picture of our dog comforting his beloved friend. So touching.”

“This is Penny. She’s only 10 weeks old but has already mastered ’sit.’”

“My dog ​​Thor hates other people’s dogs, but yesterday, he let one inside of his doghouse. He slept outside, guarded her, and even shared his food.”

“And it soon became clear that this dog had given birth to 6 puppies. Today, we finally found the owner of this dog, and the new mom returned back home with her babies. Thor isn’t their dad, by the way.”

“He acts like he doesn’t care, but he’s the best cat dad ever. Banjo won’t move unless you offer him snacks.”

“When my friend’s brother got married, his dog was the ring bearer at the wedding. It was the best day of his life.”

“My wife went to work for the first time in a long time. No words are needed.”

“We taught our dog how to carry groceries. And he likes to do this.”

She is the gentlest, most patient, and caring girl. She has helped over 50 scared street dogs learn to live in a real home."

“Spencer and Penny have been cheering on marathon runners for 5 years.”

“My dog loves finding strings to play with the kitten.”

“No dogs were at the dog park this morning. My good boy waited patiently for his friends to arrive.”

“When your boy brings you some money instead of a ball or a stick”

“My friend Melissa has a bird. And her dog sometimes allows this bird to ride on him like he’s a horse.”

Has your pet ever achieved anything that made you happy or surprised? Share the photos of your good boys and girls and write a couple of words about them.

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