18 Funny Cakes That Could Win a Prize for Most Failed Dessert

4 years ago

We need skills to cook well. And creating beautiful cakes is a special kind of talent that not everyone has. Let's promise to let our cooking failures make us laugh, not cry. But be careful: there's a chance that you won't be able to stop laughing while reading this article.

Bright Side gathered 18 hilarious examples of when people tried to make the best dessert ever, but got what they got.

18. Even Hulk was surprised.

17. Sponge Bob stays positive, as usual.

16. You even failed Elsa...

15. But she'll get her revenge.

14. A weak attempt at a bodybuilder cake.

13. Rings on a pillow cake.

12. At least this cake looks more positive than its prototype.

11. 2 peas in a pod.

10. "My attempt to make a cute cactus cake."

9. Captain America's melting a bit.

8. Elmo's tired.

7. This Smurf on the right looks a little stressed.

6. Santa Claus' new interpretation.

5. When you followed the instructions, but it didn't help.

4. "We tried to be creative this Christmas. It didn't work out so well."

3. Piglets on the right look tired.

2. "Made my little sister an Ariel cake for her birthday."

1. "My wife made me a birthday cake."

Have any cake fail experiences? Share pics with us, and let's have even more fun!

Preview photo credit Kubushek/ reddit


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