18 Handmade Wedding Dresses That Not Even Cinderella’s Fairies Could Have Nailed

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One of the things that many women are most excited about after receiving the marriage proposal from the love of their life is the choice of the wedding dress. Many girls choose to rush to the stores to buy it according to their style and budget, but others prefer to make it themselves to give it a more personalized touch that fits completely to their tastes. Here is a selection of beautiful works made by different women for the big day.

1. “Creating a ’3-in-1′ wedding dress for my best friend”

2. “This fabric was a polyester, I believe. It’s from the 90s. My mom bought it when I was a teenager, and it was sitting for the perfect dress. I messed up at about every step, yet it came out beautiful.”

3. “Made myself a dancing dress for my wedding!”

4. “Made a toile of my wedding dress from this cute $10 thrifted fabric... so happy with it!”

5. “After over 2+ years of work, my dream blue wedding dress made it down the aisle!”

6. “I made my cousin’s wedding dress.”

7. “Made a quilt coat for my wedding.”

8. “Progress on an ’80s wedding dress I’m refashioning”

9. “I made a medieval imspired gown for a wedding!”

10. “I made my own wedding dress from scratch!”

11. “Decided to offer to make a wedding gown for my close friend after I saw how sad she looked when she showed me the dress she had bought, didn’t like, couldn’t return, and didn’t have money for another.”

12. “Our wedding outfits, 100% me-made”

13. “The inspiration is a dress John Galliano made for Dior for the couture Spring 2009 collection.”

ALFRED/SIPA/EAST NEWS, © Daria_Makes_Things / Reddit

14. “Had my first fitting for my custom 2-piece ’60s/’70s style dress!”

15. “When planning our wedding, we had to be very budget-conscious. Overall I spent about $150 on materials.”

16. “I knew I was unlikely to find all of these things in a single gown unless I made it myself.”

17. “Finished the top of my two piece wedding outfit!”

18. “Recently graduated with my Masters in Apparel Design, and this is part of what I worked on for my thesis project!”

What is your favorite style to wear on special occasions?

Preview photo credit ALFRED/SIPA/EAST NEWS, Daria_Makes_Things / Reddit


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