18 of Our Favorite Superheroes That Were Almost Played by Other Actors

4 years ago

Once we have associated a face with a superhero, like in the case of Robert Downey, Jr. in the role of Iron Man, or Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, it is difficult to imagine any other actor interpreting that character. But those superheroes once risked not having the face we know today.

Bright Side wanted to imagine how it would’ve been to see our favorite superheroes played by someone else.

1.Gina Carano as Gamora

2. Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman

3. Isaiah Mustafa as Drax the Destroyer

4. Terence Stamp as Professor X

5. Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange

6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Star-Lord

7. Jim Carrey as Loki

8. Tom Cruise as Iron Man

9. Angela Bassett as Storm

10. Channing Tatum as Thor

11. Robin Williams as The Riddler

12. David Duchovny as The Hulk

13. Asa Butterfield as Spiderman

14. Heath Ledger as Batman

15. Dougary Scott as Wolverine

16. Lindsay Lohan as Scarlet Witch

17. Will Smith as Captain America

18. Nicolas Cage as Superman

What do you think about these possible substitutes? Which actor would you rather have seen in these various roles? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Preview photo credit TDOSLWH / Twitter, TDOSLWH / Twitter


Can't even imagine Loki played by Carrey. It would be a comedy ?
Don't even know if something would change it someone else played Scarlet Witch.. don't like this character anyway
The Looper face isn't how Joseph really looks. You'd know that even without seeing the movie.

Also, Mulder as Bruce Banner would have been interesting. I do really like Mark Ruffalo's Bruce though.

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