18 Painful Photos Only Girls With Long Hair Can Understand

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As much as we love our hair, there are moments when we simply want to get rid of it and go bald. You know that daily misery of having long hair, like when washing and drying it takes hours, or when you have to plan your day around your hair routine, or the frustration you feel when your hair gets stuck in literally anything. The list is endless!

Bright Side wants to list long hair woes that you may encounter regularly even though you’ll do anything to preserve it — you do love your hair after all!

1. We want to zip it up but ahhh...hair!

2. And it’s not just zippers — it gets stuck in everything!

3. The bun resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa because, duh! Long hair!

4. And, we thought wind in our hair made us look sexy...

5. Does anyone know the agony of finding a whole lock of hair in a hair band?

6. Broken combs are an everyday reality.

7. Convertibles aren’t meant for us and we have to accept it.

8. We don’t even need to explain this glossy mess.

9. Walls get a new design every time we wash our mane.

10. It’s the most convenient chew toy.

11. “Forget romance. No one comes near me.”

12. Do you even know how much effort goes into controlling it?

13. Goodbye, old friend!

14. That feeling when you feel something creepy crawling on you but it’s just hair...

15. The story of a t-shirt and hair. Every. Single. Time.

16. Styling requires so much time and effort...and it costs a fortune!

17. Other times it’s just painful and very frustrating.

18. ’Cuz we know there’s nothing we can do, we’ve learned to live with it.

What are the hassles you’ve faced with your hair? Let us know in the comments and share this article with your long-haired friends to let them know that they’re not alone.


That's why I bought I professional round hairbrush, so my hair don't have to suffer with these fragile combs anymore! ?
What can other girls here relate to the most?

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