18 People Opened Up About Their Hobbies, and They Are Far From Ordinary

3 years ago

“What’s your hobby?” You can often hear this question when meeting new people and one’s answer can say a lot about them, especially if their hobbies go beyond the borders of traditional ones. Even celebrities have many outside interests. Toma Hanks, for example, collects old typing machines, Claudia Schiffer adores spiders, and Mike Tyson breeds doves.

We at Bright Side were truly impressed after having found out what Internet users dedicated their leisure time to. And we’re bravely taking note of these unusual hobbies.

1. “I tried painting on strollers. I held my first experiment on my friend’s stroller. Everyone was happy with the result.”

2. “I breed butterflies. I ordered 15 caterpillars on the internet. I was feeding them and cleaning their little aviary. Today I got the first result: one of the butterflies hatched!”

3. “It sounds quite strange but I collect unusual matches.”

4. “It took me a bit more than a year, 2 weeks of which I was assembling the base and putting the sails on during the last month. 900 details and hundreds of threads and knots!”

5. “My new hobby is Photoshopping my cat into movie posters and setting them as my fiance’s phone background.”

6. “My father carves Pokémons as a hobby.”

7. “I collect body wash.”

8. “I work for a corporate restaurant at the moment. I hated not being able to get creative so I started a new hobby a couple of weeks ago.”

9. “I’ve recently discovered how to transfer images to any surface through acrylic decoupage. I decided to combine it with my passion for retro games.”

10. “My boss sent me a photo saying he was going be late because he was attending an exhibition. When I entered his office, I saw this: he 3-D printed this thing at home and painted it with spray.”

11. “My dad is an old electrician and he has picked up making lamps as a hobby. I strongly advised him to sell some, but he doesn’t think they would be appreciated. What do you think?”

12. “It all started with a visit to a kids’ store with my daughter. I came across the usual plasticine and bought it. Mixed several colors and started to build. The whole process took 1 month.”

13. “My mom started a new hobby: jello art that’s completely edible!”

14. “My new hobby is 3D-printing terrains and painting them.”

15. “I made a shark out of my shark tooth collection.”

16. “My recent hobby: dwarf knives. They’re made from birch, oak, hornbeam, brass, and iron.”

17. “My mother-in-law has been taking photos of local birds as a hobby. This is, by far, my favorite.”

18. “I collect unusual clovers. There are 4-leaf, 5-leaf, 6-leaf, and 7-leaf clovers in my collection.”

Which of these hobbies impressed and surprised you the most? What hobbies do you devote your leisure time to?

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