18 People That Created a Renaissance Masterpiece Instead of an Ordinary Photo

3 years ago

Some people spend years learning how to set the right light and find the right angle for a photo, and others just accidentally press the button on a camera and get something that looks like a Renaissance painting.

We at Bright Side still can’t believe our eyes: as it turns out, it’s possible to take a photo of a ceiling fan in a way that it will make it seem deserving of a wall in a gallery.

“My friend took a photo of me while I was waiting for her to get her hair done.”

“My 2 boys”

“My wife asleep on the couch”

“Caught my girlfriend painting in this beautiful light”

“My friends checking me for ticks”

“This photo of my favorite chicken turned out accidentally beautiful.”

“My friends waiting in line for the cloakroom at a club”

All mothers are beautiful, even if they are cats.

“My grandpa’s old workbench on our family farm. He passed away a decade ago at the age of 100, so he hadn’t used the bench in a long while, but he still feels very present here.”

“My castmate and I getting ready to perform”

“My buddy polishing a carburetor”

“My wife at the local tavern last night”

“This picture of the sky I clicked today looks like a Renaissance painting”

“Taking a picture of my mom holding the moon, when a firework backfired in the background”

“My partner brushing his teeth screamed accidental Renaissance to me.”

I changed the lights in my room and this happened.

“My countertop looked like a Renaissance still life today.”

“My dad and older brother installing a ceiling fan”

Have you ever taken photos that deserve to be shown at an exhibition? We would love to see them!

Preview photo credit swinefoxy / reddit


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I loved every single one of those shots. Also, most of them have very nice soft filters


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