18 People Who Find It Almost Impossible to Act Like Serious Adults

3 years ago

There are people who, even as they age, still have the soul of a child. These people do things that might seem immature or just silly to others, but for them, it is a way of life like any other. There’s no point in judging them, so let’s all try to have as much fun as they have.

That’s why today Bright Side made a compilation of examples of what these people do that makes some think they’re immature, but actually, it might just be that they prefer to see the simpler side of life without being afraid of what others might have to say about that.

1. They’re about to steal this truck!

2. “Made some labels for my wife’s contact lenses.”

3. “This is how bored I am today.”

4. “It was my coworker’s birthday yesterday, I got her this.”

5. “Don’t want to catch a cold.”

6. “I put googley eyes on my Oculus.”

7. “Staging my house for pictures tomorrow. I believe this Easter egg will attract the right buyer.”

8. “Some people have a snack drawer. I have a Reese’s drawer.”

9. “New tree perch”

10. “I annoy my wife by doing this every time she posts a landscape photo.”

11. “I bought some ‘accent’ lashes. They look so natural.”

12. “Who remembers doing this as a kid?”

13. "Girlfriend’s dad (in Texas) texted us a pic this morning... He made his own “ice fountain.”

14. “Yeah, you might call yourself a runner, but have you done the Portsmouth Unicorn? (...I spent way too much time on this)”

15. “Found the perfect spot to hide these from my egg-hating, Reese’s-loving boyfriend.”

16. “How my wife deals with her migraines 😬❤️☺️”

17. “My mom, sister, and I have a group text for glamour shots. Mom sent us a collage. We’re a pretty people”

18. “My father took the time to do this to my mother, ladies and gentlemen.”

Do you think people who do this kind of thing really enjoy life or do they still need to grow up a bit?

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haha #18.
You never do truly grow up. Its not until you grow up you realise the mind stays the same. Only the body decays.


They are probably the sanest people around. 😉
Everyone nowadays has to be Politically Correct.
Heaven forbid you offend someone nowadays, you may be sued.
So Many people expect the worst of others, it's absurd.

l always was told if you Don't want an argument stay away from 3 subjects: Football, Religion and Politics.

Somedays "They" are out there and it seems there's not a blasted thing you can do about it. Blessed Be to All 😄


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