18 People Who Have a Witty Sense of Humor

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Although different cultures speak different languages, one language seems universal across nations — humor. One may think that a sense of humor is an individual thing, but still it bonds us to other people in a way nothing else can. Apparently, humor has evolutionary and biological roots — among other benefits, it is a way to find a compatible mate and it can reflect the environment where you live.

1. “The resemblance is uncanny.”

2. “Only in Pittsburgh”

3. “As the only family member not in a relationship, I told my family not to worry about me this Christmas.”

4. “My friend got married, and his wife asked if she could sit in the judge’s chair. The judge said, ’only if you wear my robe.’”

5. “My wife made me a grocery list.”

6. “My wife broke her ankle in 3 places playing pickleball so I decided to decorate accordingly.”

7. “This sign at an antique store.”

8. “Wife insisted we start to put up Xmas stuff. Did not appreciate that I put this up in secret while she was at work.”

9. “My family usually gets a butter lamb for Easter, but we didn’t this year. Thus, my mother asked me to carve one, and I did.”

10. “My sister-in-law didn’t ask me to do this to a picture of her kids, but I did it anyway.”

11. “Every sign has a story.”

12. “Hopefully no one reads this straight across from left to right like I did...”

13. “Wanted to make the goofiest looking pumpkin I could. I think I did alright.”

14. “I told her I could not buy her clothes because I did not know her size.”

15. “So my sister’s school had $4,000 that they could basically spend on whatever. They choose this piece of ’educational art.’”

16. “My boss told me I wasn’t ready to make sushi yet so I made a hot dog.”

17. “She said she wanted a man of the streets. I said, ’Baby, I am the streets.’”

18. “My cousin wanted a cake and ordered one. Told the bakers to write whatever they wanted because it was for just for her anyways, so...”

How do you rate your sense of humor from 1 to 10? How important is a sense of humor for you when looking for a partner?

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