18 People Who Know How to Prepare for Halloween Season

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People like to dress up for Halloween and create a spooky ambiance with ghosts, goblins, skeletons, and other scary characters. However, not everyone has the time or the energy to do that. And yet, here are some people who still manage to grab the spotlight with their creativity and imagination.

1. “My wife turned my favorite movie into a cool Halloween costume.”

2. “I put a funny wig on a Halloween skeleton and now our cats think it’s one of us humans.”

3. “Couldn’t resist dressing up our 2-year-old triplets as hobbits for Halloween (girl, boy, boy).”

4. “Me as Luigi for Halloween in 1992 in a costume made by my mom”

5. “Halloween back in the late ’90s when South Park first aired on television”

6. “My daughter is obsessed with Halloween.”

“We bought her a skeleton costume for her birthday and she insisted on putting it on immediately with a birthday hat.”

7. “I made a Boba Fett throne in my garage to hand out candy on Halloween dressed as Re-Armored Boba. ”

8. “Halloween in 1985 Long Island, New York, a time when it was perfectly acceptable to steal grandma’s garbage can lid and call it a shield”

9. “Our Halloween photos this year”

10. “Since it’s getting close to Halloween, I wanted to do a throwback to 2020 with my wife and kids.”

11. “My Doctor Fujiko cosplay for Halloween! I think I might actually be the first person to cosplay him.”

12. “This year’s Halloween costume with my cute dilophosaurus, Chuck.”

13. “For Halloween in 1985, my mom made me and my brother Transformers costumes.”

“To cap it all off, she hand-drew the autobot and decepticon symbols.”

14. “My Halloween costume from the ’90s”

15. “It took forever to make by hand, but my girl got to be a ’boo-bot’ for Halloween!”

16. “My take on Frankenstein’s monster”

17. “My daughter’s first Halloween costume”

18. “My wife was a television in the 1980s.”

When you hear the word Halloween, what do you think of first? Is it costumes, parties, pumpkins, or candy?

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