18 People Whose Kind Gestures Touched the Deepest Part of Our Soul

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Princess Diana once said, “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” There is no need to do something nice expecting to get something in return. Luckily there are many people around us who selflessly spread their kindness and put a smile on other people’s faces.

Bright Side knows how important kindness and thoughtfulness are in this world and thankfully there are many examples we can look to for inspiration.

1. This bridal shop redecorated its window display to support brides with disabilities.

2. “We cleared our local woods from 1.5 metric tons (3,300 pounds) of trash in one weekend.”

3. “Chopped off my hair today and donated it to make wigs for kids in need. That made the tough decision easy as pie.”

4. “My 80-year-old grandma made a scarf for one of my childhood toys.”

5. “I canceled my food order from Petco for my recently deceased cat. Came home to find flowers with a very sweet note from Petco.”

6. “Last week we saved 3 bulldogs from being put down. Today 2 of them have been adopted.”

7. “My boyfriend is moving across the country today after being long distance for some time. Little does he know he’s coming home to this.”

8. “Gave a homeless woman a safe space for the night. Wish I could have helped her more.”

9. “Today marked the opening of me and my dad’s community library.”

10. “Don’t forget your hard working delivery folks these holidays.”

11. “My rescue girl is afraid of strangers, but she has become BFFs with my elderly neighbor and stops to give her kisses every morning.”

12. “Walked into Starbucks crying after a fight with parents. The barista wrote this, didn’t charge me, and told me this was a safe space.”

13. “My amazing girlfriend made me a cake for being accepted to a Master’s program.”

14. “Someone left my ring, which I lost, in sight at my horses’ field. And it’s been cleaned.”

15. “A 10-year-old neighbor girl planted sunflower seeds and wanted to share her little plants. She dropped this off at our front door and left.”

16. “I found this in a can of formula I opened today. I opened 4 cans in the bunch before this one. Thank you kind stranger.”

17. “Had extra pet food my fur babies couldn’t eat, bagged it and handed it out to the local homeless folks with pets.”

18. “My succulent collection was stolen. Luckily, many people sent me some of theirs to help me start back up a new collection.”

What is the kindest thing you’ve ever done for someone else? Or maybe someone has done something simple but super nice for you. Whatever the case, please share your stories with us.

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