18 Pets That Got a Complete Mess Instead of a Normal Owner

2 years ago

Our pets have such a hard time with us: we don’t only take them to vet and wash them with shampoo, but we also dress them up in strange costumes, laugh at their awkward jumps, and post their bad photos online. And our cats and dogs are ready to forgive us, but only because they love us.

We at Bright Side really wanted to imagine what our pets would say if they could speak to us. And at the end of the article, there is a cute bonus with a motorbike dog.

1. When your silly human got into the bathtub full of water again:

2. “My name is Mowgli. My owner creates art made of my fur while I’m asleep.”

3. “Other owners take good pictures of their cats. This is what my owner does.”

4. “My owner sent everyone a photo where I play the lamp from Pixar.”

5. “My owner posted this video and said that playing the piano is my passion.”

6. “And my owner made me Buck from Ice Age.

7. “For some crazy reason, people love making purritos.”

8. “We don’t know anything about baseball, but they still made us look like Chiefs fans.”

9. “My owner created this hairstyle for me and then said I looked like a vegan.”

10. “My owner put some small eyes on me and said, ’An extremely rare Doggopotamus in his natural habitat’”

11. “I’m small and I can get through the cracks in the fence. So, they dressed me like a hot dog.”

12. Translation: "Officer, please, don’t give my owner a fine! He’s in the restroom and he’ll be back any minute!

13. “I was told I was a table.”

14. “These apps are really insane.”

15. “Why would you scare me like that?”

16. "What is this? Ant food? Is this a joke?

17. “And where am I supposed to sleep now?”

18. “So, I can’t run at night, I can’t scratch the couch, I can’t bite you. What can I do?”

Bonus: A dog named Waffles accompanies his owner on trips. The seat for the dog has a seatbelt and Waffles has an entire wardrobe for these trips.

What would your pets say if they could speak?

Preview photo credit KoraWhore / Reddit


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Mowgli is such a cute little white doggo with lots of fur! Aw ?


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