18 Photos That Require an Immediate Explanation as to What Happened in Them

2 years ago

When looking at these photos, you may involuntarily recall the saying, “Every day is a lesson.” Internet users shared photos exactly like this online, and it’s not so easy to understand what’s happening in them.

At Bright Side, we’re pleasantly surprised to see that there are still so many unknown things in this world. At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus feature that may cause feelings of envy.

“I severed a nerve in my index finger. Now half my finger can no longer prune.”

“What is this giant structure that appeared overnight? You can’t tell from this angle, but it doesn’t appear to be rounded at the bottom.”

“It’s a silo.” © Psycko_90 / Reddit

“This is what happens when you heat an ordinary marble over a flame, then immediately drop it into cold water.”

Just don’t try this at home. It can explode!

These tree branches grow vertically.

This cloud looks like a spaceship.

These are lenticular clouds. They form when stable, moist air flows over an area of high elevation (such as a mountain or large hill) and forms oscillating patterns. These are commonly known to resemble contact lenses, UFOs, or some other foreign body.

This is how escalators are tested in Mexico City’s subway.

“My pen broke and a drop of ink fell in my paint and gifted me this.”

“Paint is very viscous and blocks the flow of ink. But in some places, perhaps where the paint is a little more watery, the ink breaks through and flows along the path of least resistance. This is not unlike an electric charge moving through the atmosphere in a thunderstorm.” © maaku7 / Reddit

“The evening sun illuminated my cooker hood through the wall vent.”

Heating elements under a sidewalk while it’s snowing

The way this tree branch grew through the chain link fence makes it look like a piece of rope.

This old window panel acted as a greenhouse for the grass to revive a lot faster.

“Check out all of the caterpillars on this tree in my backyard.”

“Those are gypsy moth caterpillars. If you want to save the tree, destroy them.” © rdumaine / Reddit

“One of the eggs in the carton I opened was full of wrinkles. Why is that?”

“Sometimes hens lack nutrients, have an imbalance, or are just very old. This causes the egg white to get watery, and the shell doesn’t form ideally.” © farbenfux / Reddit

We wonder what happened to this rock.

This happened due to frost weathering. Ice weakened the rock, and it cracked.

“It happened when a truck filled with hagfish crashed nearby.”

Hagfish slime is an amazing phenomenon. The fish exudes it almost instantly when disturbed or attacked. Scientists have found that the fish has cells in its skin with long proteins coiled inside. When released, they spring out like party poppers. The proteins are capable of absorbing 100x their own volume in water, so they further expand 100x as soon as they hit the water. A predator fish biting a hagfish will instantly have a mouthful of this slime, and the fish wriggles away, leaving the predator shaking its head and gagging.” © toxcrusadr / Reddit

“The way this ice cube froze”

Since ice expands as it freezes, the ice freezing below the surface starts to push water up through the hole in the surface ice. If the conditions are just right, then water will be forced out of the hole in the ice and it will freeze into an ice spike.

“Snow, then rain, made a cobblestone effect on the asphalt driveway.”

“I found a strawberry that looked like a star.”

“This is basically a genetic mutation where the genes for petal formation get confused and grow the fruit as if it were petals. Source: Genetic degree.” © Purple_GMO_Mangos / Reddit

Bonus: rare heterochromia

“If I had those eyes, I’d invest all my skill points into being a magician.” © Myomyw / Reddit

Has anything similar ever happened to you? Did you manage to find explanations for such events? If you didn’t, share them with us. Maybe we’ll find the answer together.

Preview photo credit Oregon State Police / twitter


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