18 Pics That Are Like Spa Therapy for Your Eyes

year ago

Every now and then we come across sights that relax our eyes and give our brains a good dose of pleasure. Whether it’s shapes that perfectly fit together, colors that totally match, or smooth and soft textures that we can feel just by looking at them — these types of sights somehow draw us in like a magnet. Perhaps this is because the balance and harmony they provide distract our minds from the more chaotic moments that we go through in a day.

1. “The way this horse’s fur flattens when I pet her”

2. ’’What a nice cube...’’

3. ’’This hair tie stuck in my shoe tread’’

4. ’’My spice rack fell... I present to you a glorious turmeric display.’’

5. ’’I went to open the cabinet and it slid the ring right off my finger.’’

6. ’’My newborn son’s hair whorl.’’

7. ’’Very satisfying how my nails perfectly matched this cherry’’

8. ’’Any smaller and my Stroop waffle wouldn’t fit atop my coffee, but if it was any bigger, it wouldn’t evenly heat.’’

9. The perfect fit

10. ’’My yogurt had no residue on the lid.’’

11. ’’My friend let her chickens loose on a watermelon. They picked it clean.’’

12. ’’It’s like this ramen was perfectly made for this pot.’’

13. ’’The part that didn’t melt due to the shadow of the tree’’

14. ’’My satisfyingly perfect homegrown strawberry’’

15. ’’I accidentally dropped my can of tuna in the sink today.’’

16. ’’My avocado today was 11/10.’’

17. ’’I arranged these tiny gummy bears into a rainbow.’’

18. ’’The way my pancake fits the plate’’

Do you often notice satisfying sights around you? Do you think these are just coincidences, or do you read more into them?


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