18 Pics That Look Like They Were Photoshopped, but It’s the Right Moment That Does the Job

4 years ago

From clouds that look like love messages in the sky, to pets who look like they were copied and pasted from a video game — the most trivial photos can often surprise us. If you’re a fan of taking occasional shots wherever you go, chances are your camera will reward you with a real gem you’ll want to share with the world right away.

Here at Bright Side we love staring at pictures with a riddle in them. Here are 18 shots that made us think for a second “Are they real or edited?”

1. “This picture of my brother and his iguana looks like it was really poorly Photoshopped.”

2. These clouds and the plane’s trail look like a heart struck by an arrow.

3. “My cat’s shadow is actually my other cat.”

4. Some perfect sea waves, right in the sky

5. “The reflection of the light on my coffee looks like a glowing castle.”

6. “I took a picture of a window with rain on it and it looks like a planet surrounded by millions of stars.”

7. “This reflection on my water bottle looks like the northern lights.”

8. “The inside of this can of paint looks like a cat.”

9. “This morning reflection from my front door”

10. “My remote looks like it was badly Photoshopped into the picture.”

11. “The photo I took of the Charles River looks like 2 different pictures.”

12. “My daughter learning about static electricity thanks to our trampoline”

13. “The shadow made by my lamp through this fork”

14. “My dogs appear to have merged this morning.”

15. “The snow on this patio table looks like a pastry.”

16. “My homemade orange juice smiled back at me this morning.”

17. “Snow then rain made a cobblestone effect on our asphalt driveway.”

18. A cat in the light from a stained glass window

What was the most unusual pic you’ve taken recently? Can you show it to us in the comments?

Preview photo credit Coolman_Express / Reddit


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The glowing castle in number 5 looks pretty cute and fake at the same time


So glad to know amazing things like these can also be real and not Photoshopped


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