18 Pics That Prove to Be a Parent Is to Have a Fountain of Love and an Ocean of Surprises

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2 years ago

From cracking us up with odd mannerisms and costume requests to surprising us with sweet gestures for their siblings or pets — kids definitely spark joy within adults. And while parenting is no easy job, the ability of children to fill their parents’ hearts with these positive emotions makes the hard work all worth it.

Bright Side collected 18 pictures of children that are oozing with so much cuteness and sweetness, they’ll surely make you go, “Awww.”

1. “My daughter was born at 2 a.m. today, and she gave us the okay sign.”

2. “I was cooking dinner and my daughter (4 weeks) started to cry. My son (2 years) went over and started rocking her.”

3. “My daughter’s preschool had a costume party. She was the garbage truck.”

4. “This is my grandfather with dementia hugging my son. My grandfather can’t remember us most days, but he said to me, ’I really love this kid, I’m glad he’s here.’”

5. “My wife has given a note to our child every day for lunch during his kindergarten year. Today, I found his note for me.”

6. “Caught my kid bumpin’ fists with our eldest cat.”

7. “The sweet face of a smiley, milk-drunk baby”

8. “Second day of life, and my daughter is already not impressed.”

9. “My kid showing Mickey Mouse Club to her puppy”

10. “My kids wanted to chase the rainbow. It’s been raining for a month and we’ve not seen one until now.”

11. “My son thought this light switch would control the lights in the store.”

12. “When you get home and your kid surprises you dressed as an astronaut with space art.”

13. “My newborn’s stretch looks like he’s pressing himself up against glass.”

14. “My 7-month-old son got to watch my band perform. The entire time we performed, he watched with a wide smile on his face.”

15. “This pure moment as one of my kids farted right when we were taking a picture”

16. “My friend’s baby struck this awesome pose.”

17. “My rainbow baby is here after 11 miscarriages.”

18. “My kid wanted to be 100 years old for her one-hundredth day of kindergarten. The last photo is her looking like a 6-year-old.”

Do you also have kids? Can you share something your child did that melted your heart or made you laugh really hard?

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