18 Pics That Will Warm You Up During the First Days of Autumn Like One of Granny’s Thick Sweaters

3 years ago

There are many ways to feel cozy and warm on an autumn day, like curling up under a woolen blanket, drinking a cup of hot chocolate, or eating a big bowl of pumpkin soup. But it turns out that looking at a bunch of heartwarming animal pictures can lift your spirits and warm up your soul just as well. Hugging cute kitties and doggos, getting greeted by a fox, or watching a chunky puppy have sweet dreams — it’s things like these that stay with us and keep us warm and cozy.

Here at Bright Side, we felt like we were wrapped up in a thick woolen blanket as we looked through these 18 pics, and we hope they’ll warm you up from the inside too.

1. “I went to the shelter to adopt a dog and found these 2 in this position. I couldn’t separate them so I ended up adopting both of them.”

2. “My new roommate and I were worried our pets wouldn’t get along...”

3. “A baby fox showed up to say hi at my grandmother’s house.”

4. “Our neighbor sent me this adorable display of pure joy between our dogs. They finally got him a stool so he could greet his big friend properly.”

5. Autumn is the time of harvest.

6. “This is how our 2 youngest sleep every night.”

7. “My wife is 30 weeks pregnant and this is how her cat cuddles with her.”

8. “My friend’s new puppy passed out on the front seat while driving to his new home.”

9. “A cute red panda dude that I met today”

10. “Brothers from the same litter, inseparable from birth, and now they’re 12!”

11. “I found a baby squirrel!”

12. “Completely worn down from years of chasing tennis balls. This is how she sleeps now.”

13. “My parents got a puppy and then decided he needed a friend.”

14. “This little guy comes over to say, ‘Hello!’ when I get to work.”

15. “Feeling sick today and they know it.”

16. “What are you, aliens?”

17. “This is how my cat sits when the sun hits the chair.”

18. “I made a new friend today.”

What is it that warms you up in the autumn? If you have a nice heartwarming picture to lift our spirits, please share it in the comments!

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I love this baby fox at number 3, no matter how many times I see it, it will always fill me with cutness overdose


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