18 Reasons to Love Australia but From a Safe Distance

3 years ago

Some people say that in Australia, everything wants to kill you: scary spiders, strong kangaroos, and snakes right under your feet. These may just be silly stereotypes but some of these things are also true. However, there are a lot of cute things in this beautiful country too.

We at Bright Side were scared when we were looking thought some of these photos, yet we adored others. We suggest that you take a look at the world this amazing country has to offer.

1. “It’s so hot here in Australia at the moment, and I wondered why birds weren’t using our bird bath. Here’s why!”

2. “Just watering my emus!”

3. “The most perfect Koala! I will never get over living in a country where you can just stumble across this on a walk 10 minutes from the city.”

4. “Have you seen these memes about Australia where everything is upside down? They’re not just joking. I took this photo during my first months in the country.”

5. Some roads in Australia are so long and boring, they have trivia signs to keep drivers alert.

6. “The most perfect beach in Esperance, Western Australia”

7. “A girl I know went to Australia and brought this home as a souvenir. My wife and I were shocked.”

What was found inside:

8. “My mom is in Australia and she sent me this picture of a tree frog that’s been on her balcony all day.”

9. “He comes to eat every night. He really loves cherries. We named him Paul.”

10. “This was found outside my door in Australia. It slept for a couple of hours, then when it woke, it squeaked a bit and Mom came to the deck to get him.”

11. “Went outside and saw this little fella pop his head under the balcony. Just had to have its nightly banana.”

12. “I moved to Australia. I knew there were a lot of spiders but I thought it was nothing more than an exaggeration. This photo was taken on my second day there.”

13. “I live in Australia. Today this beetle hissed at me so I got it some sugar water as a peace offering.”

14. “Woke up to find these guys saying good morning.”

15. “I caught this guy trying to break into my house. You’re not safe anywhere!”

16. “The very first day I arrived in Australia — they tried to eat my nachos!”

17. “I woke up to see a bright light and everything was white around us. It was snowing and the shocked kangaroos couldn’t understand what it was.”

18. “This was the brushtail possum in my kitchen at 1:30 a.m. this morning. I handed him a biscuit with tongs. He was waaaaaay up on top of the cupboard.”

Would you like to go to Australia? Or are you too scared?

Preview photo credit whitecollarzomb13 / reddit


Actually on the topic of Australian food, I really love to eat kangaroo and Crocodile, really tasty ?
I always thought that koalas looked super cute, I love watching them in the zoo and would love to see them in their natural habitat
My sister, her husband and son, live there. Australia is beautiful. But no, I’d die when I see spiders of different sizes, snakes bigger than my thighs, and other reptiles or any 8-legged creatures alive looking at me. The ones with furs are okay, though?

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