18 Recreated Photos From Old Times That Connect Grandchildren With Their Family’s Past

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Some people keep their family photos in old albums. Others create collages and post them online. And some of the collage-makers recreate the photos of their ancestors to show the resemblance between the young and the old generation.

We at Bright Side got inspired by this game of genes. Here are some photos where relatives of different epochs look way too much alike.

Granddaughter cosplaying her grandmother

Repeating her grandparents wedding day

This man recreated a photo of his great-great-grandfather.

Granddaughter and grandma

Granddaughter, age 20, holding a picture of her grandmother at the same age

Grandma on the left, granddaughter on the right

In the 50s, this grandmother was as stylish as her granddaughter in the 2010s.

“People tell me I look a lot like my grandmother when she was young.”

Grandpa and grandson, find the difference.

Great-great-grandmother and her great-great-granddaughter: a family resemblance story

Taste in clothes was passed from great-granddad to his great grandson.

1930s, 1960s, 1980s...The women in this family are beautiful!

His great-great-grandpa would be a fashion icon today!

Oona Chaplin got both looks and talent from her grandfather.

Grandma and granddaughter, 60 years in between

Mother and daughter

Grandpa, age 70 and grandson, age 40

Great-grandmother and her offspring have the same eyes.

Who in your family do you resemble the most? Share with us your stories and photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit u/vinto923 / reddit


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